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Personalized Baseball Books


Revisiting the history of your baseball team is a fascinating pastime, letting you reminisce on your team’s glory moments, much older triumphs and favorite players! 

Our collection of Personalized Baseball Books feature 19 franchises from the National League and American League, made from newspaper coverage about your team. The books are made from genuine articles printed at the time, stretching back over a hundred years and incorporating the biggest events in your team’s history. Depending on location, your newspaper book will include reports from the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Dallas Morning News or the Seattle Times, making wonderful baseball gifts for fans. Featuring broken records and iconic World Series triumphs, our MLB news books let you relive some of your team’s best bits over the years up to the present season. 


The Ultimate Gifts for Baseball Lovers

These personalized baseball gifts are made especially for your recipient, since you can pick a name of up to 22 characters to be featured on a certificate on the title page, along with a personal message written by you! The name will also be gold embossed onto the front cover of the book, making this gift even more special. The 12.5 x 15 inch books are bound by skilled craftsmen in a burnt sienna leatherette hardcover to create perfect gifts for baseball lovers everywhere. 


Please note: These are not MLB licenced products. Our books contain publishing’s from press outlets. Any reference of MLB is in a descriptive manner and should not be taken for affiliation or promotion of an MLB product.