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40th Birthday Gifts


Turning 40 is momentous! 10 years away from half a century and filled with a wisdom that only comes with age, why not mark the moment with an unusual 40th birthday gift?

We don’t mean ‘unusual’ as in the recipient’s face on a pillow, we aim for more the more ‘extraordinary’ as opposed to ‘out of the ordinary’.

Original 40th Birthday Keepsakes

The past has a habit of catching up to us in wonderful ways, which is why our 40th birthday keepsakes are truly sublime. An old newspaper from the day the individual was born? An entire newspaper book retelling the recipient’s life? Or a rare and beautifully remastered picture of anywhere in the UK from their childhood? Well, these are just a few of our bestsellers…

40th Birthday Presents for Men and Women

What you most certainly will find here is an invigorating range of 40th birthday presents for men and women alike. The beauty of turning 40 (other than getting better with age), is that you can’t go wrong with a personalized gift. They’re celebrating a milestone and we’ve handpicked a variety of keepsakes to commemorate this one moment, just for them.

Remember, there are no rules to choosing the perfect gift. But if we can give you any valuable advice, make it personal and one-of-a-kind. Our unusual 40th birthday gifts, right here, is a good place to start.