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Personalized Basketball Books


Our personalized newspaper books let you travel back in time and relive your favorite team’s best moments, whether it was a big win or the signing of a new player.

Spoil the basketball fan in your life with a history of basketball book all about their favorite team. They might be the biggest fan ever, but they will definitely still learn a thing or two from all the newspaper headlines about their chosen team.

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Books for Basketball Lovers

Our personalized books are awesome gifts, as they are made unique to each recipient, with their name coming embossed in gold on the cover for FREE. You can also add a FREE personal message to the inside page of your chosen book and there’s the option to add a gift box too.

Our newspaper books measure 12.5 x 15 inches and come with heaps of newspaper content from the start of the team’s journey all the way to present day. Be sure to check the contents pages to see which headlines are featured and how many pages your stunning book will be – you can find the contents pages linked in the description of each book.