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Historic Newspapers don’t just make it possible to view the past. You can explore it.

We’ve been America’s go-to archive for over 30 years and are the proud and privileged owners of the largest private collection of original American newspapers in the world.

Our newspapers provide an unrivaled insight into the past, giving individuals the resources to find old newspapers from 1920 onward. These are genuine, original copies from your chosen date, making special keepsakes to treasure for years to come. Readers can discover what big events made the headlines on a day special to them, and immerse themselves in an original piece of history from the time. 


Newspapers as Gifts

There are few more memorable presents than an old newspaper from the day they were born or another special date. And searching our archive couldn’t be easier: all newspapers have been cataloged by both date and title going back over 100 years. To start searching now simply:

  • Choose a Date
  • Choose a Title
  • Choose a Presentation Option

Anniversary Folder

Newspapers as Historical Sources

Our archive contains over 200,000 papers and is growing every day, as it’s still updated with recent and reclaimed editions. As a result, our newspapers can provide unrivaled insight into a whole manner of topics and events. Our newspapers have been used to provide facts and context on a range of subject matters such as television documentaries and museum exhibitions, as well as for individuals exploring a particular subject or their family history. 

You can find some of our rare newspapers analyzed and used as sources in our blog posts on the site too.

For any research queries, you may have, please contact Tom:

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