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As one of the leading American newspapers, our Washington Post newspaper archives allow you to find a back issue you’re looking for, or make a fascinating, nostalgic gift for a loved one. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, you can select the date of your choice to see what big news stories were published on that particular day.

For an avid reader of the Washington Post, or someone who loves history, our Washington Post back issues are genuine original newspapers that let your loved one read some of the top news events from the past. With thousands of copies in our archive, see what interesting dates are available.

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Washington Post Archives

This major American newspaper is published daily in Washington D.C. in broadsheet format. Editions are also printed for the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, giving the newspaper wider readership. So far, the newspaper has won 47 Pulitzer Prizes since being established in 1877.

With a daily paper circulation of 356, 768 as reported in 2015, the newspaper continues to be one of America’s leading news publications. The best-known aspect of the newspaper’s history was their reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein leading the American press’s investigation into what is now known as the Watergate scandal. Their reporting contributed significantly to the resignation of President Nixon. You can discover even more top stories by exploring our Washington Post article archives. 


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Judy from N.C. October 3 2022

Great gift!

We ordered a newspaper from 1992 to give our son for his birthday. They had the exact day we needed. Ordering was simple. And it came quickly. The gift box it came in was appropriate for wrapping and storing. Overall great experience.

Saira Mc Dowell October 1 2022

My paper was a birthday gift and was…

My paper was a birthday gift and was well received. The only issue I had was with the time of delivery, yet it still arrived 2 days before needed. (Could’ve been mail issues). My paper was a beautiful and unexpected gift. I recommend it for those who love history.

Jeanette June September 30 2022

Best Birthday Present

The book was everything I had hoped it would be. The inscription inside was beautifully done. The birthday person I gave it to loved it and immediately started looking through it. Thank you!

Miriam Morales September 29 2022

Beautiful Book!

Shipping was fast. The book looks beautiful, larger than I anticipated but makes sense since it's a newspaper book. I cannot wait to give it out. My bf will love it!

Andrew Greene September 29 2022

Amazing Gift for Dad’s 80th

Beautiful book with a Los Angeles Times front page from my dad’s birthday for every year of his life. The perfect way to show off a historical time line of his life!

Lyn J September 29 2022

Product was very well done…..even…

Product was very well done…..even though I did not receive exactly what I ordered, with just one quick phone call I was immediately sent the corrected version. Great service and everyone was very friendly and helpful!!! Great job !!!

Brenda Withers September 27 2022

The recipient loved it!

The recipient loved it!

Jenny gabbard September 26 2022

Beautiful and great quality!

I ordered an Ohio State book for my son (their biggest fan) and was SO impressed with the quality and content!! I would highly recommend. Great packaging for gifting!

Frances Ambio September 22 2022

Experience has been AWFUL

Experience has been AWFUL! Ordered book on 9/6/2022. Supposedly shipped 9/8/2022. Delivery was promised 9/13-9/14. I waited patiently until 9/18 and then emailed customer service. I received no satisfaction. They couldn't even give me shipping info. It is now 9/22 and no book☹️