70th Birthday Newspapers

Turning 70 is a birthday like no other. Individuals can enjoy the fruits of their labor and appreciate retirement. With this golden age comes a bounty of birthday gifts but finding one the recipient hasn’t already received becomes more challenging as the years go by. So, what do our 70th birthday newspapers and the recipient have in common? They share an abundance of memories.

The last 70 years have been eye-opening and the person you’re buying for has lived through it all. Other than the day they were born, perhaps the birthday girl or boy wonders what else happened on their birthday. We guarantee our original newspapers will satisfy their curiosity, bringing heaps on nostalgia along the way. Offering regional, national and even discontinued newspaper titles, individuals can revisit the past. Just pick any newspaper title and date significant to the recipient.

70th birthday newspapers
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70th birthday newspapers

70th Birthday Newspapers as Unique Gifts

The newspaper will arrive with a personalized certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the age of the newspaper itself. This guarantees the paper has been validated by one of our archivists who specialize in the authentication of newspapers. They ensure the paper is supplied in optimum condition, with the quality near identical to the day it was originally printed. Since our archives date back to the 1900s, the newspapers are preserved under the necessary conditions, from the warehouse straight to your door.

For this milestone, we advise our personalized birthday books. Designed to portray the recipient’s life through newspaper headlines of the day, newspaper books start on their birth date and features a newspaper after each birthday, right up to the present day. It’s important to keep in mind, the older the recipient, the thicker the book and 70 means they’ll have many memories to reminisce.


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Terrible don't use

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More sellotape then newspaper.

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Lovely gift, well received.

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Great company, speedy delivery and beautifully packaged and presented. Would not hesitate recommending Historic Newspapers to family and friends

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Wonderful gift. Great condition and wonderfully presented. Would throughly recommend.

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A surprise gift for my husband's 60th Birthday and he was delighted! The gift came in a lovely box along with quality champagne.

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Well done good service

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Amazing gift for my recently retired father.

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Excellent top quality