Wedding Anniversary Newspaper

Personalized Wedding Gifts


Give them something out of the ordinary on their special day.

Newspapers are the ideal way to mark a day in history, especially a wedding. Our newspaper books and gift sets can be personalized for the happy couple, and with our newspaper selector tool you’re able to select a newspaper from any date – the day they met, for instance.

  • Personalized Newspaper Gifts
    2782 reviews

    Old Newspaper (Choose Any Date)

    From: $59.99
    3203fjOld Newspaper (Choose Any Date)Newspaper Gifts/Milestone Birthday Gifts/Unique 50th Birthday Gifts59.99
  • Washington Post reprint
    42 reviews

    Washington Post Front Page Reprints

    From $19.99
    Washington Post Front Page ReprintsNewspaper Gifts/Washington Post Gifts19.99
  • LA Times Front Page Reprints
    42 reviews

    LA Times Front Page Reprints

    From $19.99
    LA Times Front Page ReprintsNewspaper Gifts/Milestone Birthday Gifts/Unique 50th Birthday Gifts19.99
  • Anniversary Journal Thumb
    1 reviews

    Personalized Wedding Anniversary Journal

    092001010000Personalized Wedding Anniversary JournalPersonalized Wedding Gifts49.99
  • Our First Year Book
    4 reviews

    “Our First Year” Personalized Wedding Anniversary Book

    "Our First Year" Personalized Wedding Anniversary BookPersonalized Wedding Gifts29.99
  • Personalized Bible
    2 reviews

    Personalized Bible

    Personalized BiblePersonalized Wedding Gifts44.99
  • Framed newspaper

    Personalized Framed Newspaper

    241901000000Personalized Framed NewspaperNewspaper Gifts/Milestone Birthday Gifts/Unique 50th Birthday Gifts99.99
  • Anniversary Folder

    Original Newspaper in Anniversary Folder

    240401000000Original Newspaper in Anniversary FolderPersonalized Wedding Gifts139.99
  • Premiere Book

    Full Size Premiere Book – Original

    241101000000Full Size Premiere Book - OriginalPersonalized Wedding Gifts129.99
  • Vinyl Cover

    Original Newspaper with Vinyl Cover

    240101000000Original Newspaper with Vinyl CoverPersonalized Wedding Gifts59.99
  • Gift Box
    1 reviews

    Original Newspaper in a Gift Box

    240201000000Original Newspaper in a Gift BoxPersonalized Wedding Gifts69.99
  • Presentation Gift Box

    Presentation Gift Box

    240301000000Presentation Gift BoxPersonalized Wedding Gifts89.99