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Personalized Classic Books


Our Personalized Classic Books give you the chance to star in your very own personalized edition of a favorite classic book alongside your loved ones!

All of the characters’ names are replaced with yours, those of your friends, colleagues and family members – it’s up to you. With striking traditional cover designs that replicate the first editions, these Personalized Classic Novels are available in paperback or hardcover.

  • alice's adventures in wonderland

    Personalized Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Book

    092501010000Personalized Alice's Adventures in Wonderland BookPersonalized Books/Personalized Classic Books39.99
  • the wizard of oz
    1 reviews

    Personalized The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Book

    092506010000Personalized The Wonderful Wizard of Oz BookPersonalized Books/Personalized Classic Books39.99
  • pride and prejudice
    1 reviews

    Personalized Pride & Prejudice Book

    092503010000Personalized Pride & Prejudice BookPersonalized Books/Personalized Classic Books39.99
  • a christmas carol
    1 reviews

    Personalized A Christmas Carol Book

    092502010000Personalized A Christmas Carol BookPersonalized Books/Personalized Classic Books39.99
  • Thunderbirds Comics

    Personalized Thunderbirds Comics: Volumes 1-5

    Personalized Thunderbirds Comics: Volumes 1-5Personalized Books/Personalized Classic Books29.99
  • Gerry Anderson Comic Collection
    1 reviews

    Personalized Gerry Anderson Comic Collection Book

    091301010000Personalized Gerry Anderson Comic Collection BookPersonalized Books/Personalized Classic Books99.99
  • treasure island
    1 reviews

    Personalized Treasure Island Book

    092504010000Personalized Treasure Island BookPersonalized Books/Personalized Classic Books39.99
  • wind in the willows

    Personalized The Wind in the Willows Book

    092505010000Personalized The Wind in the Willows BookPersonalized Books/Personalized Classic Books39.99
  • Milestones Memory Journal

    Personalized Milestones Memory Journal

    091801020000Personalized Milestones Memory JournalPersonalized Books/Personalized Classic Books29.99
  • Thunderbirds Comic Collection

    Personalized Thunderbirds Comic Collection Book

    091301020000Personalized Thunderbirds Comic Collection BookPersonalized Books/Personalized Classic Books99.99

Books are always a good gift, and these unique customized books are perfect for all kinds of occasions, including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas. The nostalgia element can also make them really appropriate gifts for celebrations like anniversaries, milestone birthdays, retirements or graduations, which are all about the passing of time and the change into new phases of life, while also looking back on the good times in the past!

You can customize all of the fantastic nostalgic books in this collection to make them a unique and even more thoughtful gift. Add the name of the recipient and your own special message when you order. You can also choose a special gift presentation box with some of the books in our range. Whatever the occasion and whatever the period of time that the person you’re buying a special gift for is nostalgic about, you are certain to find a really interesting and enjoyable gift for them in the books and novels range here at Historic Newspapers! Browse the products in this category to find the perfect gift!