New York Herald Tribune Archives

Since the newspaper is no longer publishing, exploring our New York Herald Tribune archives is even more fascinating since you can find original newspapers that will no longer be replaced in the archive: once they’re gone, they are gone.

You can see how the publication reported on politics at the time, as well as World War II, by selecting a date interesting to you. An original newspaper makes a special birthday gift for a loved one born between 1924 and 1966, as they can see what events made headline news on their date of birth. 

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New York Herald Tribune Archive

The New York Herald Tribune published between 1924 and 1966, making it a rather short-lived publication. At the time, it was widely regarded as a “writer’s newspaper” and was in competition with The New York Times in the daily morning market. Despite not meeting the same level of comprehension as The New York Times, its national, international and business coverage was considered among the best in the industry. The newspaper was discontinued in 1966 during a strike.

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Geri Gesell April 12 2024

What a special gift

What a special gift. It was so easy to order. Arrived in a timely manner and it’s beautiful!!!

JLZ April 10 2024

Fantastic gift

Prompt, high-quality, well-protected. Fantastic gift.

Nicole Jensier Rojas April 10 2024

Perfect present

Perfect present. He loved it and though it was cool.

Theresa Burlew April 9 2024

I couldn’t be happier!

Stunning! My father in law is going to love this. Beautiful binding and cover. I recommend your products highly. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jonathan Barnett April 9 2024

The book was beautiful

The book was beautiful, perfect gift for sports fanatic. Quality product

Chris Fortune April 3 2024

The gift of the newspaper for my…

The gift of the newspaper for my friends 80th birthday was a big head special present for a special person not a special day

Donna Appel March 30 2024

It was better than expected.

It was better than expected. Very attractive, heavy binding. Pages are clear and interesting. I feel confident highly recommending this product.

Lacey March 29 2024

Fun and unique gift to look back in time

My grandfather turned 94 years old and I bought him this for his birthday. Everyone seemed to love looking back at the articles! It’s really cool how it is presented, and it comes with a certificate of authenticity! Super cool I would highly recommend it As a unique gift.

Thomas Borcher March 28 2024

A Fascinating Time Machine

I found it absolutely fascinating to see history unfold one year at a time on my date of birth! It's not just the headlines . . . it's the day-to-day kind of news stories (politics, entertainment, sports, etc.) that were particularly interesting to me.