1971 Gifts


An historic gift straight out of the year 1971

Those born or married in this year will find their perfect present from 1971 within our personalized range of gifts.

Not only are they a piece of history that take the recipient back through history, our 1971 birthday gifts are personalized by you; an ideal way to mark the special occasion.

  • Personalized Newspaper Gifts
    2682 reviews

    Old Newspaper (Choose Any Date)

    From: $59.99
    3203fjOld Newspaper (Choose Any Date)Newspaper Gifts/Milestone Birthday Gifts/Unique 50th Birthday Gifts59.99
  • Washington Post reprint
    38 reviews

    Washington Post Front Page Reprints

    From $19.99
    Washington Post Front Page ReprintsNewspaper Gifts/Washington Post Gifts19.99
  • Year Edition Newspaper Book
    41 reviews

    Personalized Washington Post Birthday Book – Year Edition

    From $99.99
    Personalized Washington Post Birthday Book - Year EditionNewspaper Gifts99.99
  • LA Times Front Page Reprints
    38 reviews

    LA Times Front Page Reprints

    From $19.99
    LA Times Front Page ReprintsNewspaper Gifts/Milestone Birthday Gifts/Unique 50th Birthday Gifts19.99
  • 1970 music decade book
    1 reviews

    1970s History of Music Decade Book

    0603190101001970s History of Music Decade BookPersonalized Books/Personalised Music History Books49.99
  • 70s cook book
    1 reviews

    Personalized 1970s Newspaper Recipes Book

    From $24.99
    Personalized 1970s Newspaper Recipes BookPersonalized Books/Vintage Recipe Cookbooks24.99

1971 Gift Ideas for the Perfect Nostalgic Present

Offering a unique window into the past the recipient of your thoughtful gift will forever remember their milestone birthday. Our archive of original 1971 newspapers offers a large number of publications to choose from available in different presentation options, giving you the unique opportunity to gift them a view of the world as it was when they were born.

Also available within our 1971 gifts range are books based around their day of birth, the year of their birth, or popular culture of the time all bespoke printed for a special occasion.