Historic Newspapers is working in partnership with In The Book, a publishing house specializing in personalized books for children. Our newspaper gifts will now be available to purchase from their site, along with hundreds of personalized books for kids and grown-ups.

“We’re book specialists. We know one story is enough to transform an individual’s outlook on the world, whether it’s a well-loved book from childhood or a classic work of fiction. But, we put the magic into the story by writing you into the adventure as it unfolds.” – In The Book

In The Book offers a unique range of fiction and non-fiction. The children’s books allow a child to star directly in the story. With major brands like Disney, Thomas the Tank Engine, Peter Rabbit, Paddington, Marvel, Beano and many more big names, kids will be able to star in the same books as their favorite characters.


Working With In The Book


Written through rhymes and easy to read text, the child’s name is woven into each page. The illustrations are drawn by hand on a graphic tablet, brought to life in full color and incredible detail. Each story is unique, writing the child into the adventure as it unfolds. Many of the stories begin as dreams, but why a dream?

“Is there anything more exhilarating than the dreams of a child? What if they dream of becoming an astronaut, a doctor or a veterinarian? These are the moments that matter the most for kids, that’s why our books begin as dreams. In our stories, children can become whoever they want to be, starring alongside heroes and heroines, their favorite TV or film characters. Our books become experiences that captivate their imagination and instil a love of reading they’ll carry into adulthood.” – In The Book

In The Book is devoted to encouraging children to develop a natural love of reading from a young age. As well as captivating storybooks, they also offer L.I.F.E books (Learning is Fun and Educational). The range focuses on building the foundations of basic learning skills, recognizing words and numbers through creative fiction. With the extra personalized touch, a child has an interactive reading experience.


Working With In The Book


Vintage collectibles like Ladybird Well-Loved Tales, Ladybird spoofs, Enid Blyton’s Famous Five satires and even Haynes comedy manuals are amongst some of the titles available for adults. Like In The Book’s kids’ books offering, their grown-up range features personalized covers with the recipient’s name, adding a personalized touch to make the gifts entirely unique.


Working With In The Book